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1ST Euro-Mediterranean Conference, Smart Blue City
General manager introductory speech on 14/4/2016


On behalf of the Sewerage Board of Limassol Amathus (SBLA) I would like to welcome everybody to the 1st Euro-Mediterranean Conference, Smart Blue City.

Limassol is becoming rapidly one of the most Blue Smart Cities in the region and the Sewerage and Drainage System of Limassol has been a key player in the sustainable development of our city and has contributed substantially in converting Limassol into one of the most developed and environmentally friendly cities in Cyprus and in the area.

Limassol has entered into the 21st century with a fully developed and efficient sewerage system which has secured the long term and sustainable development in the greater Limassol area.

The Sewerage and and Drainage System of Limassol has been a decisive and critical measure in securing clean and Blue Flag beaches in the area.

The Sewerage Board of Limassol Amathus has promoted extensively the waste water re-use in the area.  Currently SBLA provides annually, nearly 8 million cubic meters of recycled, best quality water for re-use in agriculture and gardening in Limassol area.  Limassol is the leader city in Cyprus in implementing Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems known as SUDS. 

SBLA is also using extensively renewable energy in the operation of Moni Sewage Treatment  Plant .  Green energy covers about 40% of the Plant needs in energy.

Furthermore SBLA provides for reuse in agriculture and gardening the entire production of bio-sludge. 

As we are going to have three presentations in the next two days about the Limassol Sewerage and Drainage Project, I am not going to elaborate on the role of SBLA in upgrading of the environmental, public health and quality of life conditions of our city.

Please allow me to congratulate the organizers of this very important event in Limassol, which coincides perfectly with the huge changes that are currently taking place in our city, which is becoming not only the most blue and smart city in the area, but also one of the most developed and beautiful residential areaς in the Mediterranean. 

Ιacovos Papaiacovou
General Manager
Sewerage Board of Limassol – Amathus

14 April 2016




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