Message from the General Manager

The Sewerage Board of Limassol-Amathus (SBLA) is a key pillar of growth for our city and this is how we wish every resident of Greater Limassol to view it.

SBLA means clean seas for Limassol; it means abundant, inexpensive water for our farmers, for our stadiums and parks; it means lower waste management costs for our hotels and industries; it means clean subsoil and clean groundwater; it means flood defences in the city. SBLA ensures the protection of the natural and built environment, green growth and quality of life. SBLA stands for a modern and developed Limassol!

Today, the Sewerage Board of Limassol-Amathus is a dynamic, healthy, efficient and robust public body, of which every Limassol resident can feel proud.

Having completed and successfully operated the sewerage system in a major section of Limassol, SBLA remains an organization with a strong growth orientation and an ambitious development programme. In 2020, four major infrastructure projects are being implemented, at a total cost of around €60 million while, during the next two-year period, a further €60 million worth of sewerage and stormwater/floodprotection infrastructure measures are planned.

Through the implementation of major stormwater management and flood protection measures, which are already under way, SBLA aspires to end the long history of flooding in the city centre once and for all.

Our top and immediate priority is to maintain sewerage charges at low levels, specially adapted for vulnerable sections of the population, together with easy and friendly service that makes the most of online technology for the benefit of all citizens.

In a spirit of total respect for each individual and the environment, and fully aware of the importance of our mission, we make every effort to respond to the confidence placed in us by the city authorities and to the increased demands and expectations of our modern, informed and developed local society.  


Yiannis Tsouloftas

General Manager


November 2020

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