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Sewerage Board of Limassol - Amathus

The Sewerage Board of Limassol - Amathus (SBLA) is a public utility organisation established by Council of Ministers Order 248/80 on 5 September 1980 and operates in accordance with the provisions of the sewerage systems laws dating 1971-2005. The Cypriot legislation has been brought into line with the EU Directives on Urban Wastewater treatment 91/271/EU. 

The Limassol – Amathus Sewerage system and the wastewater re-use project is of major importance for Cyprus and is probably the first project of its type which has been designed, developed and operated within the framework of a large, integrated project. The mission of the Sewerage Board is the construction, operation and maintenance of the central sewerage system for the collection and treatment of municipal wastewater of the greater Limassol area, the re-use of the treated water for agricultural and other purposes and optimum sludge disposal. What we are aiming at, is not to discharge even a drop of treated wastewater into the sea. We consider wastewater as a valuable resource which can be utilised more effectively and efficiently.




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