Expansion works of the Limassol - Amathus sewerage and drainace system

The sewerage and drainage project is constructed in phases and covers the entire urban Greater Limassol (Lemesos) area, which falls within the Sewerage Board of Limassol Amathus (SBLA) area, as defined by the Council of Ministers decrees. The construction works of Phase A of the sewerage and drainage system began in 1992 and were completed in 1995, while the works of the first stage of Phase B (Stage B1) which began in 1999, were completed in 2004.

Since1992, when the staged construction of the sewerage and drainage system began and up until 2005, over 137 million euro have been invested in the project. The works covered 50% of the (SBLA) area and about 12.000 premises have been connected to the sewerage system, providing service to about 100,000 people.

Currently, Phase B2 is being implemented and construction works continue to be carried out with our objective focusing on the expansion and completion of the works up to 2018. The works of the current phase began in August of 2006 with the expansion works of the Waste Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Moni area. The above works have been completed in September 2008 and the new plant started to operate with a wastewater treatment capacity of 40,000 m3/day, compared to 20,000 m3/day treatment capacity, prior to the expansion.

The expanded WWTP contributed significantly in upgrading the environmental and hygienic conditions in the area and the enhancement of services provided and the satisfaction of the increasing needs of Greater Limassol Area. It has also relieved the city from the nuisance of disposal of domestic wastewater at the adjacent disposal site of “Vati”, which causes unpleasant odours and sewage overflows, with high environmental and health risks.

The storm water drainage works are also of a great importance and have to a great extent reduced the flooding problems in Greater Limassol Area. During the stage of Phase B2, storm water drainage works of about 50 km in total length are also scheduled to be constructed, expanding also to new areas, the cost of which amounts to about 32 million euro. Apart from these works, SBLA has prepared detailed designs and studies for the flood control system and storm water drainage works of the new link road of Limassol new port (vertical road) of estimated cost over 25 million euro, the entire cost of which will be borne by the Government. The project has started and is expected to be completed by 2018.



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