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If you wish to receive your bill by e-mail, please complete the form below, so you can:

  • Save paper and contribute positively to the protection of our environment
  • Be more organised and digitally archive your bills
  • Receive your bill immediately, on the day of issue
  • Have access to copies of your bills for official use

The SBLA will make a donation in your name to one of the charitable organisations listed below, representing double the amount saved by not printing and posting your bill.

Customer Information

Billing Information

Please input the Customer No. as shown in the example below

You can also print the Application Form, fill it out, sign it and send it by fax to the fax number +357 25881777, or if you wish, scan it and send it by email to [email protected]


Ιn case your email is incorrect, we will not be able to send you your bill.




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