The total budget for the program is € 304,067

The sewerage board of Limassol, within the framework of its active participation in European programs

is participating in the LIFECAB European Program entitled "Biogas and digestate with a controlled bio-chemical process with integrated biochemical processes", which will last three years to complete (03/07/2017 to 30/06/2020).

In addition, except from the lead partner "Hysytech Srl" (Italy), other companies are going to participate in this programme such as representatives of ACEA Pinerolese Industriale SpA (Italy), Agricultural University of Athens (Greece), Cyprus Technological University (Cyprus), Organohumiki Thrakis Greece), POOL.ITI Srl (Italy) and the University of Turin (Italy).

In particular, this program has as primary objective, the production and use of new bio-products with high added value.

These bio-products can be used to the chemical industry, agriculture and farming. Another objective through this program is to demonstrate the fermentation process and improve the environmental impacts of these products, as they can be exploited in a real business environment with reduced business risk.

The total budget of the program amounts to € 2.462.957 with a contribution from all partners of approximately 12.44 %. More specifically, the SBLA budget is up to €304,067, so its contribution rate will be €121,627.

SBLA will be responsible for the design, construction and operation of the anaerobic digestion and composting plants, as well as for analysing the data resulting from its operation. Based on these data, the feasibility of implementing the new process will be determined at a real level.



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