The construction works of the sewerage and drainage system began in 1992 and it is carried out in phases. The public sewerage network covers more than 80% of the SBLA area, with 530 km length which is constituted with gravity and forced main sewers (30 km). The sewerage is propulsion to the wastewater treatment plant which is located at Moni area, through eight pumping station located along the seaside road of Limassol. Up to 8.7 million m3 of sewerage have been treated in 2012, from which the tertiary treated water was disposed through the water development department for irrigation. The biological wastewater treatment is completed to the wastewater treatment plant by natural-physical filtration through sand and the treated water is disinfected with hypochlorite nitrate before disposal.

The produced sludge is treated so it can be disposed to the agriculture. Today, 1/4 of the produced sludge is disposed to the agriculture and the remainint 3/4 of the sludge is sent to Animalia Genetics Ltd for further treatment.  The SBLA has moved one step forward to the recuperation of energy by burning the produced biogas and by converting it into electrical power which covers a part (approx. 40%) of the plant’s demand power consumption.

The operation and maintenance of the system is made by permanent staff of the Board (SBLA) and also by contractors according to tenders which is established by the Board. Today about 19000 premises have been connected to the sewerage system, providing service to about 115,000 people. The connection to the sewerage system is obliged according the legislation.



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